Roger Collins-Woolcock was the guest speaker at a Roundtable Dinner presented by Macquarie Bank and hosted by Constantine Splawa-Neyman.

In his LinkedIn post, he said, “Recently I had the privilege to host a roundtable dinner, attended by 26 of Brisbane’s leading Built Environment professionals. With the recent cuts to the cash rate, now sitting at an unprecedented low of 1%, a tempering in the way banks test borrowing capacity for residential home loans (testing your ability to borrow at 2.5% above the actual interest rate offered, instead of 7.25% floor), and the federal victory of the Liberal Party forming a majority government (77/151 seats in the Upper House), sentiment in the room was largely upbeat. Our keynote speaker, Roger Collins-Woolcock, offered deep insights and perspectives on matters vital to success in a rapidly changing environment, including staff retention, embracing transformative technology and the imperative to grow your business via succession planning and M&A.”

Macquarie Bank later published an article on ‘5 things you should be doing to protect your built environment business‘ which reported on the keynote presentation.

Keynote speaker for Macquarie Bank rountable.