We are very pleased to have been involved with two of Harrison Grierson’s recent mergers.

Harrison Grierson merges with e-Spatial.


On 14 November 2017, we announced our merging with spatial information specialists, e-Spatial.

This is the second merger in our 132-year history and is a significant diversification for both companies.

e-Spatial is a specialist spatial consultancy, employing 20 staff in Wellington. Their expert services include spatial consulting, solution development, data management and technology.

The new stand-alone business unit will be called ‘e-Spatial, a Harrison Grierson company.’

‘We’re excited about the new opportunities the merger creates and the additional specialist services we can offer clients,’ says our Managing Director, Glen Cornelius.

‘With this new specialist offering, we can undertake a range of different projects for our clients, adding value and enjoying a competitive advantage in many areas.’

In February this year, we successfully merged with the traffic and transport engineering specialists, T2, to form a new business unit called HGT2.


Harrison Grierson merges with T2.


On 1 February 2017, we merged with traffic and transportation engineering specialists, T2, creating a new business unit within HG called HGT2.

This is the first merger in our 132-year history and is a significant milestone for both companies.

HGT2 is a separate business unit for Harrison Grierson and is continuing to operate from T2’s Auckland CBD premises.

‘We’re excited about the opportunities this new unit is creating and the specialist services we can now offer clients,’ says our Managing Director, Glen Cornelius.

HGT2’s services include transportation planning studies, transport assessments, economic analyses, detailed design, safety studies and assessment, policy development and transportation research.

HGT2 Business Unit Leader, Pravin Dayaram, said the merger would enable the T2 team to take on larger projects in Auckland and across New Zealand.

In January, Harrison Grierson and T2 were jointly appointed to the new Traffic and Transportation Engineering Professional Services panel for Auckland Transport.