Core Services

The question we are most often get asked is:

“How do we grow to create greater opportunities for our people, yet keep the culture of our business?”


We specialise in Strategy Planning & execution, business development, professional services training, technology commercialisation, organic growth and merger growth plus management of the integration process.

Our aim is to work with the leaders of the organisation to formulate an agreed growth strategy and then execute over the three to five years of the strategy’s life.

Our services are most often sought by companies at an inflexion point in their growth journey – be that 15, 30, 50, 80, 100, 150, 300 or 600 staff in their team.


We work with our clients to develop an agreed growth strategy focusing on targeted geographies, markets and disciplines.

Mergers and Integration

We offer significant merger expertise across Australia and New Zealand, supporting both “buy side” and “sell side” transactions .


We offer formal and informal training support to professional services firms.

Research & Development tax assistance.

We explain R & D credits, grants, and tax incentives right for your business.

Organic Growth

We work with our clients in HR-related areas of organic growth

Technology Commercialisation

We work with you to assess the commercial viability of your technologies.

Business Development

We offer formal and informal business development and coaching support