We offer formal and informal support to professional services teams.

What our clients say.

Fabulous presentation by an exceptionally engaging Roger Collins-Woolcock. It’s truly amazing to hear everyone’s thoughts about how the world is forever changing and how it affects our industry and the millions it employs.
Annoushka Scharnberg

Partner, Finlaysons (Property, Development, Leasing, Acquisitions & Planning)

Everyone in professional services needs to hear Roger Collins-Woolcock’s message
Rachel Elliot

Director, Advisory , m3property

We offer the following short training courses.

  • Global/National/Local Trends in Professional services – this two hour seminar discusses the global trends affecting the professional services industry. It takes those trends and looks at the Australian and New Zealand market and how specific firms are adapting.
  • What have I learned after over 35 years in professional services? – this two hour session condenses the lessons learnt from working across multiple industries and businesses in Australia and New Zealand. It covers leadership, people, growth, structure, innovation, systems and performance with observations about what works and what doesn’t all based on personal experience.
  • Team Strategy Facilitation – sometimes it’s difficult to run your own Strategy days and not feel like you’re directing the conversation rather than facilitating. I have run strategy day facilitation with AT&L Associates, Premise, Talis, Utility Mapping, Land Surveys, North Projects, UDIA National and BSE.
  • Why do I even need to grow? This two hour training session discusses the age old question of why any business needs to grow and how it might do that most effectively. We discuss organic growth and merger & acquisition growth, the positives and negatives of each and the things that need to be done to give both paths the best chance of success.
  • What professional services firms are operating across Australia and New Zealand? In a very fragmented market, with multiple competitors of varying sizes and capability, this one hour seminar looks at the various firms that are operating within the Australian and New Zealand market. The presentation can be targeted to particular markets, disciplines and geographies as decided by you.
  • How to claim variations without your client hating you – developed because no-one ever taught me the “art” of how variation management, this one hour session discusses why we find claiming variations such a difficult thing and all the excuses we use to avoid doing it. We discuss getting the submission right at the start (using some of your example submissions in the process) and then the critical importance of the “when” (timing) and “how” (manner) that leads to the best chance of a positive response. The session finishes with some helpful takeaways to use with your clients to help the process. It is targeted at client facing individuals across the organisation.
  • Marketing 101 for professional services – calling on over 30 years in the professional services industry, this session goes through 21 “Rules of Marketing” that helps explain how professional services firms can differentiate themselves from their competitors in a crowded market. This one hour training session is relevant to everyone in the business whether client facing/work winning or internal/project based