Roger regularly presents to Macquarie Bank’s professional services clients on local, national and global trends.

    • What can you expect for the future of your Professional Services organisation?
    •  What’s the outlook for the industry?
    • What are firms doing to attract and keep their people?
    • Does outsourcing actually work?
    • What’s happening with competition?
    • Why are so many companies getting gobbled up through mergers?
    • When is selling an option we should consider?
    • What does digital disruption actually mean?

Find the answers to those questions and more in our 3-hour seminar presented to clients around the country by Roger Collins-Woolcock.

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Book a seminar for your professional services teams by calling 07 3846 2986

Other Presentations

Roger has also presented for Macquarie Bank on a number of other topics, including the one below.

Macquarie Bank presentation

Articles for Macquarie Bank.

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